The ‘Company’ shall mean CasaLingua, a single-member joint-stock company,  with a share capital of EUR 500, registered at the Commercial and Companies  Court of Marseille, under the Number 883368565, whose head office is in  Marseille (13005) 1, RUE MERENTIE (FRANCE), represented by Mrs. Marion  DELORME, acting as chief executive.

The general terms and conditions detailed below exclusively govern the  contractual relationship between the “Student” and the “School” in the context  of the training provided.

Payments are secured by the online payment platform Paypal. You can pay  from your Paypal account or directly by credit card. 

On request, you can also make a transfer directly to the School’s bank account.

A programme will be proposed by the School according to the availability of the  teachers and the Students. A confirmation email will be sent to the Students  before the beginning of the course. Courses will not be held on French or  Brazilian bank holidays.

The school undertakes to honour any purchase under the conditions described  for each course, depending on the number of students enrolled (1 student:  individual course/ 2 students: course in pairs/, between 3 and 6 students: group  course). 

If the course does not start within one month of purchase under the conditions  chosen by the student, the course may be refunded in full.

For group or in pair courses:
Absence on the scheduled dates will not entitle the participant to a replacement  course. Consequently, missed classes will be considered as completed. A  recording of the course can be sent on request.It is possible to postpone one or more classes, after approval by all participants  and the teacher in charge. 

For individual courses:
Absence on the scheduled dates without notice or with less than 24 hours notice  will not entitle the participant to a replacement course. Consequently, missed  classes will be considered as completed.
The student can postpone up to 2 lessons out of 10, with the teacher’s  agreement and a notice period of more than 48 hours. After that, missed  classes, even with more than 48 hours’ notice, will be considered as completed.

In the event of a teacher’s absence or incapacity, the School will assign a  replacement teacher at the disposal of the Students.

If the Student has not started its course, they can request to change it by  emailing info@casalingua.fr

The courses are held using Zoom software, and students must download it on  their computer. Students are responsible for having computer equipment  compatible with Zoom (broadband Internet connection, appropriate browser,  sound card, headphones or speakers and microphone). 

During their lessons, Students may be led to view sites or link pages not  controlled by the School, in which case the School cannot be held responsible  for any material or moral prejudice suffered by the Students.

When purchasing a course, according to the terms of article L.121-20 of the  French Consumer Code, you have a period of 7 (seven) clear days to exercise  your right of withdrawal without having to justify your reasons or pay any  penalties.

If you decide to take a course before the end of the seven clear days, you will  no longer be able to exercise your right of withdrawal. 
The above-mentioned period begins when you pay for the course.
Your request for withdrawal should be sent by email to  info@casalingua.fr.
Any withdrawal made in accordance with the conditions of this article will result  in a refund of all sums paid at the latest within thirty days of receipt of your  email.

The present contract is subject to French law. 

The School shall not be held responsible for the non-performance of the  contract concluded in case of force majeure as defined by the courts; in the  event of fault on the part of the Student or the unforeseeable and  insurmountable act of a third party to the contract. 

Any disputes must be resolved amicably between the two Parties, before  considering recourse to a court of law in the event of persistent disagreement.

By registering with The School, you undertake to provide us with sincere and  true information about yourself, so that we can provide the service. The  communication of false information is contrary to these General Terms &  Conditions. You hereby authorise The School to collect, process and use  information about you. The School is the sole owner of the information  concerning you. You may at any time make a request to The School to find out  what information about you is held by The School, to oppose its processing, to  have it modified or deleted, by contacting the Student Service. You can request  to no longer receive these e-mails at any time by clicking here or on the link  provided for this purpose and inserted in the footer of each e-mail sent to you.